Google Adsense Approval Trick for Blogger in 2020 Update New Policy

Adsense Approval Trick 2020: Did you apply for Google Adsense from your blog or website and got rejected, will there be many bad practices to avoid on blog when applying to Google.

Here we come up with some useful AdSense approval tricks to fix the reason for the rejection.

There are many bloggers who applied for Google, but did not get approval on the first attempt and I am one of them (on the third attempt I got my AdSense approval).

Whenever a blogger received a rejection on their blog, they do not read the email that is sent by Google where Google mentions the reason for the rejection. When I received the email from Google, I read it and understood the real reason and found out how to get AdSense approval.

By the way, you have to know some real facts and find out how I can get Adsense approval on my website.

Adsense Approval Trick 2020

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Here we going to share most important Google Adsense approval tips 2020 which will monetize your blogsite.

Adsense approval trick for Blogger in 2020

    At first check, your blogsite or website is eligible for Google Adsense.

  •  A new Domain can’t get Adsense approved, Use at least 1  month old (or more).
  •     Blog Design  must be responsive & mobile-friendly.
  •     You should be 18 years old to participate as an  Google Adsense publisher.

       Use Top Lavel Domain( .com, .xyz, .net, .org)

             Write Quality Content:

    • Write Reader-friendly Content.
    • Content length must be more than 600 words.
    •  Minimum 22 posts must be published.
    • Not use Google policy violation  Content.
    • Use Copyright free images.

         Create at least 3 page 

     Google Adsense Friendly Blog Design:

     Choose the best responsive blogger template or web theme that has a nice and professional looking blog design.

    •       Clean and professional design
    •       Easy site navigation
    •       Proper menu and sub-menu facilities
    •       Fast loading
    •       SEO friendly
    •       Mobile friendly
    • Fully developed website

     Minimum daily 20 to 100 Pageviews.

     Please Check if your website is not blocked by Google crawler.

     Why Google rejects Adsense Application?

    •    Because of  re-written or Scrapped  content or insufficient content.
    •     Eror Site Navigation.
    •     Invalid Pageviews or Traffic.
    •     Multiple Adsense accounts.
    •    Poor design.
    • Site page not Index properly.

    AdSense Approval Time

     There is no definitive answer to this. For some publishers, account activation takes between 24 and 48 hours, and for others, it may take several weeks.

    In addition, there are parts of this process that require action on your code such as adding ad code. Therefore, AdSense activates your account only after you complete them.

    Important points in activating your account:

    •      Copy the code exactly as it appears on your AdSense homepage. No modification allowed
    •      Put that code only on the site you provided when creating your AdSense account
    •      Make sure you place the code on a page that contains content and get regular visitors

    If your account is taking too long to become active, make sure that your site or the page on which you placed the code is visited regularly.

    Last word

    All the points I mentioned above, should help you approve your AdSense account at some time.

    I have tried these tricks several times in person and received AdSense approval immediately. First of all, I got my AdSense account implemented by applying everything mentioned above.

    I also directed my friend to make sure this was not just luck, and she also cleared her AdSense account on the third day of application.


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