Why Adsense Rejected My Application -【Google Adsense Approval Tips 2020】

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog and is one of the best advertising networks. To use Adsense the Adsense team maintain their quality by approving only quality website. They have a very strict TOS and continue to ban accounts, which violates the AdSense TOS. The most difficult part is getting inside Adsense ad network. Most of the time, you will find bloggers complaining that the Adsense account is disapproved and many of them have become hopeless. We have already published a complete Adsense guide to get you started for this.

Why Adsense Rejected My Application 2020

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Why Adsense Rejected My Application 2020?

When any blogger’s Adsense application gets rejected, it is a frustrating time for that. He feels very frustrated and leaves many new blogging at times. Let me clear some air here, and shout out loud: Adsense is not the end of your blogging career.

Here are the most common Adsense rejection reasons and Google AdSense requirements that you should keep in mind before getting into our details.

1. Insufficient Content :

Your website does not have enough text for Google experts to review.

Google places a lot of value and attention to the content of the blog before accepting. If the content is poorly written and there are grammar mistakes, Google will immediately reject the blog.

Not only does the content need to be grammatically correct, it must be unique and provide value to the users and readers of the blog. So the number one reason is poorly written content on your blog.

2.Design / Page Type of your blog

If you put a page with a completely bright yellow background with white ground on it, there are huge buttons everywhere?

Yes, you will never visit that website again.

Your Blog site  that are poorly designed and difficult for visitors to understand are rejected by Google AdSense. You should have a nice and clean design that will relax the eye and look beautiful.

3. No About Us, Contact  or Privacy Policy  Page

If you want to accept, you must have some pages before applying to Google AdSense.

These are about us, privacy policy and contact us page. These pages give the impression that you are a professional and that you are working in accordance with Google policies. Keep in mind that having a privacy page is one of the requirements of Google AdSense.

4.  Your  blogSite does not comply with Google AdSense policies

No rich, unique and meaningful content, no organic traffic, clear navigation and no original content through the organization or pages with poor user experience.

Your website/ blog site may be the one that brings traffic through illegal sources, sites with excessive keywords or poorly coded designs are usually rejected.

So you need a complete guidance and a list of things you need to do before applying for Google AdSense.

Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense


 Write high-quality content:

The # 1 thing you need before applying to write high-quality content for Google AdSense. This is a very important thing that you cannot ignore at any cost. Indeed!

Google likes blogs that are providing high-quality content and their visitors are liking it. Keep in mind that your application will be reviewed by humans and you must influence them to be approved by AdSense.

A high quality material …

  •     Is unique and original
  •     With proper titles and bullet lists
  •     Free of grammar and spelling mistakes
  •     Is long enough
  •     Useful and informative

Has a clear navigation menu:

Most important step:  AdSense mentioned in its rejection email that your blogsite must have a clear navigation menu to access content before your readers can think about finding your page and re-applying for AdSense .

Therefore, all you want to do is work on your menu by adding all the important categories and pages i.e. About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us to help your readers easily find the content. The more you care about improving your visitors, the more likely you are to be approved by AdSense.

Good Number Of Posts:

 According to my experience, the best time to apply for an AdSense account is when you have at least 22 good quality positions. Your blog post length must be at least 700+ with quality content.

Blog Design:

 Your website / blog design is the biggest thing after content. It represents your expertise, experience and professionalism. It should have the following features:

  •      Simple and professional
  •      Easy to navigate
  •      Proper menu
  •      No useless item in sidebar or footer
  •      Search engine friendly
  •      Fast loading

So be careful because nothing can kill your chances of getting approved by AdSense.

Check Your Traffic Sources:

 Google detests sites that are getting paid traffic and mostly penalize them, so there is no very bad chance for AdSense to get approved for a site that receives approved traffic. You can bring traffic through search engines or any other way, but if you want to earn properly through Google AdSense, paid traffic is not the solution.

Also note, that Google does not accept sites that receive traffic from illegal sources. Please focus on getting traffic from legal sources like search engines , social media and related blogs.

About us, Contact & Privacy Policy Pages:

Make about us, Contact & privacy policy page for your blog / website. Never use any online tools to generate about, contact & privacy policy page.

Use Top-Level Domain (TLD):

 Use top level domains such as .com, .net, .xyz or .org. Your chances of getting approved by Google AdSense may increase.

TLDs are globally applicable domains, and Google generally gives them high priority.

 Final Word:

 If you follow all the above mentioned tips, you are likely to get your Adsense application approved first.


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