5 Best Free AMP Blogger Templates 2020 To 【Speedup Your Loading Speed】

Why do people create websites?
There are many reasons behind creating a website.
People create websites because they want to promote any product, any service or they want to share some knowledge in their website to help people.

However, you can also have a blog / website. But one thing that is required for you is that your website should have clean articles, a good and sweet SEO friendly fast loading theme. The topic you want to choose for your website should be SEO friendly, mobile friendly, Adsense ready and fast loading. Let’s check out the most essential free AMP best blogger templates that you cannot ignore.

 AMP Blogger Templates 2020

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What is AMP Template ?

 Full quick mobile pages from AMP. What is meant by using amp theme is that your website will load super fast for mobile users and desktop users.

AMP is a framework that allows to create fast-loading mobile pages for your website.

Benefits of using AMP Template ?

AMP themes load faster on less internet

Amazon studied and found that the weight of their website being lost every second reduces their 1% revenue. You are not as big as Amazon but the same things happen on your website. So, you have focused on your website loading speed. Using AMP theme is the best way to increase the speed of loading your website. Your ads do not cut revenue. If you do not have a fast loading theme on your website then you cannot be ranked on the Google top page on your targeted keywords.
Website loading speed plays an important role on your SEO.

Therefore, if you want to rank your article, then you have to choose the AMP topic for your website.
Now I am going to provide you some best selling AMP Blogger themes for free!

5 Best Free AMP Blogger Templates 2020

 Here I have provided a list of the best free AMP Blogger Template of 2020 which will increase your blog ranking and visitors.

Infinite JLB AMP BloggerTemplate 2020

INFINITE JLB is a free AMP blogger template . This blogger template is 100% valid AMP HTML. Please check the AMP validation for this template [check here]. This template design uses the Google AMP HTML Guide with the concept of flat design. This blogger AMP template is totally free and certainly has many features added. This theme is a modification of the Infinite Amp template published by www.idnthemes.com which is the work of Arlina Design.

Infinite JLB AMP BloggerTemplate 2020



Infinite AMP Blogger Template 2020

 Infinite AMP Quick Mobile Page Theme: Infin AMP Blogger Template is created by a blogger master named Arlina. This template is very easy to see and is, of course, quickly accessed because it is based on AMP. Infinie AMP Blogger Template is created by a blogger master named Arlina. This template is very easy to see and is, of course, quickly accessed because it is based on AMP.

  News type templates, AMP technologies, two columns, three lower menus, dropdown menus, pop-up search windows, simple pagination, breadcrumbs, ads section, subscribing to widgets by email, discus comments, related posts slider, blue color.

Infinite AMP Blogger Template 2020




The AMP AMP Blogger Template 2020

The AMP is a blogger template that looks clean, elegant and a personalized template. Recently, it is the most used AMP Blogger template on the Internet. It features very fast loading, Adsense ready, highly SEO optimized, and rich AMP Blogger template. It includes features like discus comment system, social buttons and popular post widgets etc.

The AMP  Blogger Template 2020

 SEO AMP  AMP Blogger Template 2020

SEO AMP  AMP Blogger Template is specially designed for those who are looking for a clean design for their website. As you know Google would love to rank sites that come with responsive and AMP enabled design. So if you really want your site to rank high in search results. This template will help you improve your site for search engines.

The biggest advantage of using Seo amp Blogger Template is that it will make your blog very fast. You can easily take your blog to the next level using this template. It has a responsive design that helps your site readers browse your site from different devices around the world. It also comes with an ad-ready design, so that you can easily place advertisements in your desired locations and increase your advertising revenue.

If you have a look at the demo version of seo amp blogger template. Then you can see that it is a very simple design, but comes with many advanced features. This means that you can easily place the widgets you want from the layout section and make your blog more unique. As you know this template is user friendly so it will help your site readers to browse your site without facing any issues.

Overall the design of this template is very unique and attractive. Many fashion bloggers would love to use this template on their blog and if you are going to start a new blog, we highly recommend you choose this template to make your site more fast.

 SEO AMP  AMP Blogger Template 2020

Semi AMP Blogger Template 2020

Semi-AMP Blogger Template includes built-in, stylish popular posts, social share icons, responsive drop-down menu-bar, simple, custom contact forms, including responsive layout design, SEO friendly template design, AdSense Ready, schema coded, user-friendly, related post widgets. , And responsive comment boxes. Semi-AMP Blogger Template is suitable for all types of blogs like News Blog, Magazine Blog, Photo Gallery Blog, Video Gallery Blog, Movie Blog, Personal Blog, etc. Hope you like this template.



Bonus:  AMP Blogger Template 2020

Goo amp Blogger Template 2020

Goo amp Blogger Template is an amp template with a current time style, this template is ideal for blogs, reviews and personal niche blogs. seo amp blogger template with a view that is with clothes, mobile friendly layout amp – the best seo friendly amp blogger template seems elegant and fast loading, and free.

Goo amp Blogger Template 2020



So friends in this post we will show you the top 5 best amp blogger templates  2020 in this post. I hope you liked it, please comment below and share your opinion.

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